SSL certificates are very important especially for websites that handle sensitive information. Here are ten important things to consider before purchasing your SSL certificate.


  1. Many companies do not want to invest too much money in digital certificates. However, before you decide purchase the cheapest certificate keep in mind that security of the Digital Certificate depends deeply on the Certification Authority (CA) that is issuing that certificate.  For more information about the Certificate Authorities that we offer please check out our Knowledge Base.
  2. Be prepared before your purchase. Important things to know include: the amount of servers hosting the single domain, the server platform you are using, how many periods you want to purchase the certificate for and the correct information for your organization.
  3. With the information above our sales representatives can hand pick the exact certificate you need. However did you know that there is also SSL certificates for E-mailCode Signing and other programs, we can walk you threw any additional certificates that your may need to keep your personal information private.
  4. When the certificate comes up for renewal our system will notify you. In order to avoid certificate gaps we suggest you renew your certificate 2-4 weeks before it expires.
  5. SSLGURU gives you the tools to generate a CSR file. However if you would like to generate your own CSR from within your server here is a link to our Knowledge Base.
  6. Once you have generated your CSR file make sure to check it with our CSR Checker.
  7. The Security of depends on the Private Key that accompanies the certificate. Anyone with that private key can decrypt the server communications. Make sure that you take significant steps to protect the private key.
  8. Once the certificate has been installed make sure to use our SSL Certificate Checker to confirm it is installed correctly. You can also open it in multiple browsers to check and make sure it is working correctly.
  9. Each SSL purchase comes with the “SSLGURU Black Package”.  One of the key features of the “Black Package” is free 24-hour support that will assist you with any installation problem, certificate reissues or any other problem that may arise during the length of the certificate period.
  10. If you manage more than one certificate you might want to join our enterprise program. It not only gives you the tools to manage multiple certificate’s but also gives you access to a different panel and better prices!




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